Feeling Tethered?

You have big dreams for traveling the world... someday.

Sure, you have grand ideas for planning the ultimate vacation, but something always seems to get in the way. Maybe you don't think you have enough time or money. Perhaps you don't think it's possible to travel with kids. Or maybe you've started vacation planning, but you feel crippled by the all of the decisions that go into planning and booking a trip.  You feel discouraged.

At Untethered Travel Co. I believe that creating space for travel, regardless of your situation, has profound benefits. It improves your physical and mental health, broadens your horizons, and allows you to experience a richer quality of life. I'm here to inspire you to "be the captain of your own ship" and stop letting excuses stop you from living your best life. Tell me what your dream vacation looks like and I'll help you make it happen. I provide end-to-end support so that you can simply enjoy your vacation.


Expert Travel Advisor and Founder of Unthethered Travel Co.

PS. You can read about my own family's story of becoming "untethered" as a travel family here.